It occurred to me today that I recently had a moment of genuine pleasure.  In my studying and thinking, I had discovered another paradox.  I love paradoxes!  They are gems of truth that say “God was here.”  Man cannot solve them and we don’t truly invent them.  We discover them.  They make me smile.  In my humble opinion, most of where Christianity goes wrong in theology is the vain attempt to unravel the paradoxes of the faith.  Like the Triune God, the free will of man, the deity and humanity of Christ, etc.  I prefer to just marvel at them.  I think most people hate the insolvable and indescribable.  They make us uncomfortable.  I suppose I am saying, I would rather be uncomfortable.  I have no explanation for it.  Odd.

As for the new paradox I discovered?  I have forgotten what it was.  I’ll remember eventually because I’ll trip over it again.  Stay tuned.

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