It’s Your Father Calling

Do dreams connect us to the supernatural realm?  I have plenty of dreams, most of which are filled with odd symbols dealing with barely discernible personal issues.  Usually I forget them within seconds after I wake up no matter how determined I am to remember them.  (But then I can’t remember what I intended to buy at Fred Meyer either.)  Dreams are like soap bubbles, they don’t last long and then they pop.

Joseph had dreams and could interpret the dreams of others.  John had visions filled with great detail that revealed the future. Daniel had visions or dreams or both of the future as well.  I understand that our dreams are movies created by our hyper-active brain (it should be sleeping but it does not ever) to force us to face issues that we block out during out conscious hours.  The symbols are not universal despite the dream interpretation books.  They usually are drawn from our daily life or past experiences or a movie we watched last night.  In any case, they are trying to tell us to face an uncomfortable truth or telling us to relax, the issue is resolved.

But then…my Dad died on February 19th, 2002, my daughters birthday.  He was 90 years old and I worried about his relationship with God.  My Dad felt estranged from God because of his divorce of another woman before he married my mother  (a divorce for which he had no just grounds) and the resulting expulsion he received from his beloved Baptist church.  I wondered if this meant his faith was not real?  Dad wasn’t a theologian or a philosopher; he was a people person.  I could not talk to him about matters of faith.  Both my brother and I worried about him.

Not long after he died, Dad appeared in my dreams.  I have posted about this before.  This time my question is:  do those we care about often appear in our dreams after they die?

I think they do most of the time.  I suspect there is a connection between the supernatural and natural realms via dreams.  Some of it of course is just our brains mulling things over.  I saw my Dad, though.  He came unexpectedly and irregularly but always significantly.  I remember telling him that he was dead but he would smile and ignore me.  He wasn’t dead in the only way that mattered and he wasn’t in Hades.  That was nice to know and I do now know it.  So dreams do connect with the unseen somehow, sometimes…I just can’t control when they do.

I tell people now that when someone they loved dies, I think they will see them again in their dreams and they are really there, not figments of our imaginations.  I wonder if I am right?

Joel 2:28) “It will come about after this That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; And your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, Your young men will see visions. (NASB

One thought on “It’s Your Father Calling

  1. Thanks for writing this!

    My 29 year old brother died in an accident in 2010. I dreamt him often. I’d see him and then I’d say “but…but you’re dead. You died.”.

    I was so distraught that first year. I didn’t know where he stood with God. See, back then I thought a person could lose their salvation (and I knew my brother had a rocky relationship with God). Thanks to pastors and counselors I learned that salvation cannot be lost. John 6:39 is a blessing. And this…this gave me peace.

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