Amazing the variety found in ants.  I read an article on them.  Little ants, huge ants, flying ants, soldier ants, worker ants, nurse ants, Queen ants, male ants (whose sole purpose is to supply semen and then die…sounds suspiciously like some human male behavior) and a huge variety of nest building techniques, mating techniques, fighting techniques, and colony types.  There are quadrillions of them.  All of them in one pile would weigh more than all the humans on earth in a similar pile..

As I read the article, I had a thought.  Later, during a fitful sleep, the thought woke me up so I came to write it down.  The only place the writer struggled was in the attempt to answer two questions:  where did the ants come from and why was there such a huge variety?  They came about by magic.  A wasp (poof!) became the first ant many millions of years ago and the all-powerful force, evolution, caused the simple ants to change into a massive complexity of ants over time.  It’s impossible of course.  I will say what no one is allowed to say and teach for a university or work on a government project or receive funding from a research foundation.  Evolution is magic.  It’s at worst wishful thinking and at best a convenient way to avoid having to say “God” in the laboratory.  Or perhaps to avoid saying “We don’t know.”

Simple things do not become complex things over time.  Complex things do not become even more complex things over time. It’s impossible.  It violates the laws of physics and the universe.  We don’t see it happening anywhere today.  Instead everything decays from the complex (the well ordered and evenly mowed lawn) to the simple (the chaos that is my back yard.)  One must supply intelligent energy in order to avoid everything complex from degrading to the simple. (I don’t have the energy to supply energy to my back yard.)

People don’t like to say POOF! so they say EVOLUTION!  Same thing.  And we know, absolutely no way, no chance, no how, never do these same people want to say GOD!  I get it.  Scientists feel silly saying “God designed and implemented the incredible ant kingdom.”  They would rather say “over untold billions of years an ant appeared having evolved from a  (magic) wasp that itself came from a simpler (magic) creature, etcetera, etcetera.”  Leave out the word magic and a textbook is written and the world is “taught.” But they know, deep down they know that this isn’t science.  It’s why they get so outraged when challenged and why they belittle their opponents and mock them with such scorn and passion.  “Do not say it!  Don’t you dare!  You shut up, right now!”  I shall say it.  “The Emperor Evolution IV, has….no clothes.”

Oh I know, this post might draw that same kind of derision.  “Smash this kind of thinking down!  Destroy it!  The man’s an idiot!  One of those ignorant Bible-thumpers!  Science has demonstrated beyond any doubt that evolution is true!”  I would get untold numbers of such comments but fortunately I don’t have that kind of circulation.  None of my three followers is likely to disagree with me.  I write this just because I can.

What’s especially amusing philosophically is to note that a species of South American ants has escaped it’s shores and is spreading around the world.  As it does, it wipes out the other ants nearby.  Eventually, it seems likely it will eliminate all other ants in the world.  The amazing, impressive and brilliant complexity of the ant world will have become…..simple.  Yep.  That is after all, how the world really works.

2 Peter 2 Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.” For when they maintain this, it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water, through which the world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water… (NASB)

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  1. You’ll hear no disagreement from me! There is a small, but growing, contingent of “pure” scientists who find no issue with letting God into their laboratories. They aren’t vocal because of the overwhelming opposition and censure present in the scientific community, but many are growing in the belief that God gave us science and the so-called laws of our universe. Finally.

    It’s always been amazing to me to see how hard-hearted many scientists can be when evidence of intelligent design is so clear. Humanity shares so many genetic similarities to the creatures on our planet. I find it obvious that God took the best elements of his animal creations into consideration when He created us.There are just to many similarities to ignore a connection and yet, so much more complex. I cannot understand the idea that we are all just mile markers along some evolutionary time line devoid of divine intervention. Further, to say life just happened into existence is akin to saying the world is flat; both are narrow views of our incredible universe.

  2. Scientists just go by what they can see. It just so happens that everything scientists can see directly came from God. The life cycle of a star takes far more than 6000 years, yet we have an excellent idea of how stars are born, live, and die. This is possible because telescopes are amazing and allow us to see various types of stars in various stages of development (protostars, dwarf stars, giant stars, supergiant stars, neutron stars, black holes). Because of this we know how our Sun could’ve formed, and we know how the Sun will die. It just takes an immense amount of time. If you believe that our existence is only around 6000 years old then that’s fine. But you cannot deny that God put in the paths of development or lifecycles of everything that exists, including Life. Micro-evolution is something I know we can both agree on, but you’ll probably disagree when I say micro-evolution and macro-evolution are the same thing, only one is exceedingly smaller than the other (how big is a mile compared to a millimeter?). As for the second law of thermodynamics, it’s true. It is a law after all, one that God wrote. But the law says that entropy will always increase in an isolated system, meaning the system is not gaining or losing any energy. The energy will dissipate across the system uniformly. Life on Earth has reached higher and higher levels of complexity because Earth itself is not an isolated system. Our Sun is the source of 99.99% of all energy in our solar system, and it is dumping its energy on our faces everyday and is set up to do so for a mind boggling amount of time. “One must supply intelligent energy in order to avoid everything complex from degrading to the simple.” I agree with this. But the sun provides for unintelligent energy. This energy alone is enough to make sure ecosystems remain complex for a very long time.

    Telescopes allow us to look into the past (light from other stars takes years to reach us) and see stars in various stages of their evolution. The fossil record allows us to do the same sort of thing. The past exists so we can understand our future and our universe. I thank God for that.

    • John, a debate on evolution on this page would take thousands of words so I won’t respond to all that you have written. I do admire your dogged faith in the power of science and the intellect of man. Micro evolution (another term for adaptation) is obvious and readily observable. It does not demand chance, natural selection nor favorable accidents for it to occur. All that is needed is a change in environment. Macro evolution is not the same thing. It must contravene the law of entropy and is only theoretically possible if billions of years are postulated. We see micro evolution/adaption happening in front of our eyes regularly. We have no evidence whatsoever that macro evolution has continued ever since the dawn of man. One wag argued that miracles no longer happen which proves they never did. If so, then macro evolution no longer happens which would likewise prove it never did.

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